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October 06, 2008


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oh my gosh...i love the patchwork kitty! how great is that? and if i had cute wellies like you? i'd even wear them when i showered and to bed! =)


Oh how beautiful is this little cat!!! Your Grandma did a wonderful job!!! And it made me giggle while reading that the kitty was as flat as a pancake, hehe...
And the book? Did I promise you too much? It´s great, isn´t it? I must have a look at amazon if I can get the other book too. It seems as if it´s just beautiful.
Have a lovely afternoon,
Sabine H.-A.-U.-Z. xxx

Carrie P.

That cat is so cute. And to have it since you were a child is so neat. There was a magazine recently that a dog pattern that was very similiar to your cat.


That kitty is very cute. And even more special because your grandma made it. Those are some "pretty" projects from that book! I might need to find me that book.


What a nice kitty. No litter or fur balls to clean up and purrfect to cuddle with. Seriously, how sweet to still have something that your great grandmother made for you. I remember how much I adored those wellies when you posted about them because it was one of my first comments to you. I like the look of your books.


I love your patchwork kitty your gandma made for you. Very lucky to have that:) I love the book...My favorite is the flowers that they made...Thanks for sharing the pictures:)


The books are great, but let's get to the goodness of your post: Patchwork Kitty! OMG, you did a great job unstuffing & restuffing. Your Great Grandma Martha did a wonderful job piecing that kitty and I'm so glad you were able to unstuff & restuff & make it as huggable as it was when you first got it. Awesome!


your kitty is lovely - reminds me of this http://periwinklepark.blogspot.com/2008/03/patchwork-dog.html.... I so nearly bought the Sew Fabulous book the other day too
lisa x


What an adorable patchwork kitty, i just love patchwork crafts! The books look great, i would love to know where you got them. Enjoy your blog, it's such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Dunphy

Patchwork kitty is darling! What a treasure.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Your kitty is so neat! Glad you were able to reviver her :) And those books look like tons of fun!


Sarah, I really loved seeing the vintage fabrics close-up in your kitty. What a treasure you have there! I bet she just made up that pattern too.. I have never seen it before. Adorable!

thanks for all the christmas books and magazine goodies. My, my! Several bloggers posting these things today.. all kinds of great ideas!


I have the book - yes it is so inspiring. Cute stuff. THe kitty is DARLING! Wouldn't that make a cute gift!! It is so sweet. The face is really engaging. Love it.


That kitty is adorable! What a great idea to re-stuff it!!!


Those books look great and patchwork kitty is just so adorable! I also wanted to let you know that I have featured you on Cuteable today http://cuteable.com/


your kitty looks brand new, great job, your books look wonderful, I would love to dive into those!!


Hi Sarah!
Your kitty has just melted my heart. How beautiful. And, she looks like new. She's aging very well.
Take care.


We love your patchwork kitty that your Great Grandma made! It is adorable!
We have the Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle Book! Love it! I have been wanting to order the Sew Fabulous Fabric book! After your post, I will definitely go order it!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Ohhhh, I adore your stuffed cat! Isn't it wonderful to have things that were lovingly crafted by our Grandmothers? She is just as sweet as sweet can be!!!

Aye, I see you have the same Sew Pretty Christmas book. We must have been on the same wave length as I did a little posty about the book as well. Isn't it just the best? Now I don't have the other eye candy book - must go to Barnes and Noble today!!!

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. I know I sure am.



Just love your kitty, what a wonderful heirloom to have! And your book looks to be filled with wonderful things!!!
congrats on your cuteable feature!


Glad you mentioned the patchwork lion - I am trying to find a picture. I remember making the lion many many years ago when I was a teenager, it must have been in the late 1960s that I made it. The kitten is lovely and I think the lion was made the same way, but with a mane and tail.

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