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October 14, 2008


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oooh....cozy! Lovin' the cottages, too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

So funny! Those naughty blocks - they made you do it! Lucy x


What a darling little mistake you made! Beautiful foggy photo.


Love the little cottage quilt, and the Halloween cottage. And the Christmas cottage blocks. And the view. And the dog. And the fire place. LOL Did I miss anything?


Aw they are so cute and you made the runt of the litter into such a winner. I have to tell you I did the same thing with one of mine. And I wasn't as smart as you, I cut the roof into pieces to put in another cottage block as the brick. I wish I had seen your post first! Yours makes something like a really cute Christmas postcard. I love it. I may have to make one like that on purpose. It is darling. Congrats on getting your blocks done! And the Halloween one - sweeeet.


Hehe...you know what I´m laughing about.
You have done such a good job and that was a lot of work. Especially the Mini-Quilt is super adorable. The reindeer fabric is my favorite. And the Halloween cottage...don´t know what to mention first, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Big kiss to Rosie the old cinnamon roll, hehe...
Sabine P. xx

Amy @ parkcitygirl

We are having a wood stove installed next week . . . it's cold here! Your cottages are adorable - whatever the mistake!


thank goodness you posted again! i was having horrible 'anyone can quilt' withdrawal symptoms, you know...=)

Carrie P.

All your cottage blocks are great. I really like the quilting and the candy cane fabric on your little wallhanging.


Your little wood stove looks so cozy and your little hot doggie looks very cute. You do have a great view from the window. I really like your quilted cottages. I love when you post because it's so peaceful and serene just coming here.


Cute little cottage wallhanging...actually, sometimes mistakes are wonderful things--love those "I had to do it" projects!


How lovely! We are still pretty warm here in Georgia!


Very cute wallhanging and I love the stove! Can you tell me who makes it? Thanks.


I just love these. I can't wait until I can get to sit down and sew. It just seems there is always something else to do. I want to try these little cottages. They are beautiful.


I love everything about this post! This is why I have a link to you on my blog.
Love your little houses and your fireplace and your cinnamon roll puppy!


I bet you are loving that new stove. SO pretty!
Your blocks are coming along great! Even the mistake. :-)


love those serendipitous quilts! it's sooo cute, as is your little cinnamon roll!

Jennifer from NY

Hi Sarah! I love all the closeup views of your fabrics and sewing...everything is just beautiful! I especially love that Halloween cottage. How is your new stove treating you? It looks so nice and cozy! I love the fall too! :-)


love...love the little cottage wall hanging it must have been meant to be. great job on quilting it. That totally made it:) Oh how i miss that cold fall weather. Don't really see it here in California. Your little Cinnamon bun looks so nice and cuddly in the bed:)


You're so funny! I love your new little mini-quilt!


Your mini quilt is absolutely wonderful also in its details.
Hugs from Hungary!


Love the candy cane fabric and your little peeking out girl on the Halloween cottage. Very cute.
Lisa x

Mary Wood

Love your little Cottage Blocks they are Great.
Hugs Mary.


I love your cottage blocks. I can identify with you about getting sidetracked!! It doesn't take much does it?

Karen in IN

happy zombie

I love your cottages. So, so darling. Loving this season and love (as usual) how you've captured it. I was thinking to myself that I swear I smelled cinnamon on you post... and then I saw your cinnamon roll - and knew I wasn't imagining it!

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