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October 14, 2008


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Your cottages are oh so sweet. And that cinnamon roll is adorable. I've been known to refer to Sebastian (my toy fox terrier) as a little powdered doughnut when he's curled up like that.


What an adorable mistake! I'm in the swap, too! Just mailed my cottages off to Terri. Now on to making some Halloween ones - isn't this just darned addicting??? Cheers!


Wonderful post! Love the froggy picture. And the stove is adorable! Is it gas or electric? Very cute. I need something like that in my family room. It gets so cold in there. ooxx`jodi

Amy (O'Roarke) Rhodes

Hi Sarah,
You don't know me, but I stumbled upon your blog a while back. I LOVE IT! So much so, I gave you an award. To check it out, visit my blog. Thanks for all your ideas, they're great!


I just love your little cottages. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets sidetracked with other quilty things when trying to finish "just one" project. :) Your little hot dog princess does look like a little cinnamon roll the way she's all snuggled up in her bed...too cute!


You are so cute and your little cottage blocks are too!

Jane Remus

Oh, I love your mini quilt, the quilting is just beautiful, hope I am in your group, your cottages are so cute!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I LOVE your cottages ~ despite your oopsies! I would have never known!

Your little cinnamon roll princess is just toooooo cute all cozied up in a little ball in her chair. Looks like the perfect place to snooze!

Have a great day,

Messy Karen

even your "mistakes" are beautiful. i've got to get moving to finish my blocks. you capture the seasons with a subtle touch that is mesmerizing. so when you stop by you will see that i have left you something.


your cottages are just adorable and what a great idea for one house.

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