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October 31, 2008


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omg, seriously awesome pictures...rosie is a riot...could the one where she is hanging her head in shame be any cuter...you are so my kind of woman...spending part of your day doing this...i am laughing like crazy...=)


oh darling dog. love her hat! she's good to pose in the hat and let you take her picture.


AWW! Happy Halloween Rosie!


That is very funny! My pups wouldn't keep the hat on for that many photos. I tried to do a Christmas picture with Santa hats on the and it was almost impossible to get even one where they both had it on and were still. :)


This is the most adorable cowgirl I´ve ever seen!!! Thanks for showing this brave girl! I feel guilty only by the look of her!!!
Big kiss to dear Rosie!!!
Sabine R. II.


Oh, Sarah, this made me giggle. She is such a cutie and so patient. These pics made my day!


Awesome little Rosie......my dog would have eaten the hat instead of posing for me!!!
Happy Halloween Rosie.


Is da itty bitty Pwincess Wosie humiwiated? Da po baby! Itty Pwincess can come and be adopted hewe and wiw not hav to weaw siwwy hats!

But da Pwincess is awfo CUTE in one!

Happy Hawoween, Pwincess Wosie!


bless her little cotton socks, I can't tell if she likes it or is getting set to nip your nose :-)
lisa x


I have a picture of my chihuahua/terrier mix sitting on a piece of desert wood in a hat with a BB gun leaned next to her. I humiliated her when I was in HS. She was a good dog! Rosie the cowgirl made me think of her and giggle.

Sipiweske Quilts

The hat fits her just great and those eyes are so expressive . . . priceless photos - make sure to label them somehow so you can find them again in a year or two. Those are the kind you go looking for after awhile. Looks like you a great Halloween . . . at least the getting ready part! - Marlene


LOL! She suits that hat, and she knows it. Way to go, Rosie!


Rosy looks like she is just about done with that! So cute though. Wonder what she was really thinking??

Nadine Woodraska

Too Cute, I have 2 weiner dogs and love them both to pieces. Love your blog, I just found it, I'll be back!!

Nadine Woodraska

Too cute! I have 2 doxies and love them!! I just found your blog and I love it!! I'll be back!!!
the material girls quilts

Carrie P.

Oh the things we put our puppy dogs through! Rosie is awful cut.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Howdy, Little Lady!

Joy Gross

What adorable photos.. what a doll.

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