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October 20, 2008


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Oh my, these monkeys are so cute...I do love all the four!
And the TV slippers will be very cozy when you wear them while watching TV. The two colors you choose fit perfectly together. Can´t wait to see them when they are ready.
Have a wonderful day,
Sabine A. xx


My goodness!
I was just reading along thinking ‘what a wonderful post this is’. My grandmother was a very crafty lady and AVID crocheter. We got handmade goodies from her for every gift giving occasion. She made us slippers too! And dolls and bears and doll clothes and afghans…I still have some of it (wish I had it all).
Then I got to the bottom here and saw Zeke!!! What an extra special treat! Thank you.


Sarah, this is getting scary - have a guess what I am sewing at this very minute??? My nanna J was a great knitter, I only wish I had more of her stuff. Love the monkeys and Zeke is adorable. Looking forward to seeing the finished slippers.
Lisa x


seriously, grandmas everywhere must be alike...i still have the sock monkey my grandma made for me...only instead of button eyes, evidently all grandma had was a sharpie and she drew on the monkey's eyes! lol...creepy indeed...and the slippers made with red heart yarn? check...have those, too...wonderful, cheap, nothing natural about it, acrylic as acrylic can be, good old red heart yarn! you gotta love it all!


hey! My grandma made those slippers for us too. They had a pom pom on the toes.. I had purples one. :-) Can't wait to see them with feet inside.
The monkies are adorable.
Sarah.. I have an award for you on my blog. No obligations or games.. just come and pick it up. :-)
Zeke is terrific!


Well done Grandma! They are brilliant! :-)

happy zombie

How sweet and special! I couldn't agree more about things made by Grandma. I chuckled when I read "tv slippers"... we used to have those too. Back in the day when sitting around the tv was an event or special treat.

I just picked up Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger and there's a cute slipper pattern in it. As soon as I knock off stuff on my to-do list, I'll be making a pair. I guess today their called "you tube slippers".

happy zombie

UGH. I meant to say THEY'RE not their. I'm such a dork about there, they're and their. Maybe I need to make a pair of dictionary slippers.


so true about gifts from grandma...love the monkeys...especially their scarves and hats!!


What a great Grandma!!!! I love monkeys!


I love those sock monkeys and the hat and scarf really makes them personal.


Your slippers look so warm, soft and cozy... What a fun texure that pattern makes.

Mary Wood

I just enjoyed reading your blog love all the goodies.
Hugs Mary.

Jan Baker

Could you please send me this pattern you are working on for the gray and white TV slippers? It is different than the one I have, and looks like the one my sister-in-law asked me for some years back. I wasn't able to find what she wanted until seeing yours now.


This slipper pattern is the only I've seen like it - my Grandma also makes these and I'd love to know where you found the pattern!


oh I hope that pattern gets posted. I absolutly love that style.

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