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October 09, 2008


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What a great idea those chalk boards are! I could use one in my studio....a really HUGE one for long lists. Hmm, I'll be adding that to the list.

The boots are adorable.

Ashley Ann

Wow! Those are so cool, and I love the wellies too. Don't be embarrassed about walmart shopping. It's closer to my house than Target, and sometimes I just need to hit up the closest store myself!


Great little idea! Will make good little gifts!
Thanks for the tute! I gave you a plug in on my blog...
Happy stitchings!


I just loved this post when I saw it and am now trying to make some for the kids for Christmas. Did you use any kind of adhesive to keep the layers together? Just curious. I'm about to try it out and was curious to know.
Love your blog!!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org

These are fantastic. I'm planning to link to them, they're so wonderful. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

xo, amanda @ www.kiddio.org

Alana @ Gray Matters

Love these - I'm very new to sewing and have not binded anything yet. Maybe I can find a little how-to out there somewhere. Thanks for the great inspiration.


Well I never heard of chalkboard fabric before! How fantastic! Right, I'm on a mission now to find some here in the UK. I'm trying to make all kids' presents this year, which is terrifyingly loads, so I'm adding this to my list of ideas. Thank you!
(Is Timtex a super stiff sort of fabric stiffener or something?)


I've been wanting to make one of these, thanks for the reminder. I am planning to put it in the bag for when my kids have to be quite-like at a restaurant :)


Those are lovely! Thank you kindly for posting such a wonderful idea with sweet pictures. I hope to stitch some up.

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