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October 09, 2008


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Chalkboards are a great idea! We could use one of those at our house to practice our spelling words. You've got me thinking! And I love the wellies too... the color is so catchy.


These wellies are soooo cute!! What a great find!! And the little chalkboards are such a good idea, but I´ve never heard of a chalk fabric. Must have a look!!


The chalkboards are adorable! So are those wellies.

Melanie O.

Fabulous! The chalkboard and the Wellies!


That is such a cute idea. What great gifts that would make. And the wellies - makes me wish I had a child to buy them for!

kerri  at provincial patch

I love the wellies (gumboots). I can see my girl wearing them down to milk the cow (or even me). The cows may take a second look. Chalkboard is a great idea. Might have to make one. Thanks for your ideas.


What a great project...thanks for sharing such a fun idea!


Great idea! Thanks for the iron tip -- I've never worked with that fabric, so it's good to know. Adorable Wellies!


Oh I adore your chalkboards! I've never seen chalkboard fabric. And I never would have thought up something so adorable. Saving in my memory to try this myself.

Thank you!

happy zombie

The chalkboards are amazing! I didn't even know there was such a thing as chalkboard fabric. And the wellies have me wanting to run to Walmart. I know they won't fit me... but they are totally i-gotta-haves!


I am with the others.....never heard of chalkboard fabric, but I will be looking for it. These are too quite and my grands will love them. My little princess grand would love the wellies too!!! Thank you for both ideas.


Too CUTE.......some days it isn't good to be interrupted. B


Too too cute! I love the wellies (and I'm going to call them that for the rest of my life, now!). Did you use just regular batting for the chalk boards? it wasn't too soft to write on? I love them! I'm going to make several. tomorrow ~ if I make it to JoAnn's! :)


Oh, the chalk boards are very cute. So are the spotted wellies.
Have a lovely weekend!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Great idea! I haven't seen the chalk board fabric . . . but I haven't looked for it either :)

Niesz Vintage Home

Those chalkboards are just the cutest things ever!
I've used the chalkboard paint before, but this fabric is completely new to me. How cool!

Oh, and the wellies...adorable! Do they come in adult sizes? :)



Came by accident on your blog and I love it. I just flicked trough your whole blog and we have a lot in common. I am a longtime quilter and I also love cats and flower. Never heard of chalkboard fabric either. The idea of this fabric chachboard is fantastic. Will sure be back to visit!


Vous êtes un incroyable couturière! J'aime les noirs.
Et la photo avec les bottes est génial!

Carrie P.

Those chalkboards are such a great craft.


I didn't know there was such a thing as chalkboard fabric, how neat! I've purchased chalkboard paint before but this is a new one to me! What a really neat idea....now to go out & find some! :) Thanks for the inspiration. Yours look adorable.


chalkboard fabric? who knew. i've never heard of this, but it's a GREAT idea.

Denise Felton

Fantastic! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog later this morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


Miss Snips

I have never even heard of chalkboard fabric -- I guess I will have to take a wander to the local quilt shops and find out if anyone else here has (heard of it)...
I took a cue from your previous post about repairing your patchwork kitty and repaired my son's blue teddy (made 34 years ago) and then I put together a new patchwork kitty for a great neice for a christmas present. I am still sewing the face, so Have not yet posted it on my blog, but will do so in the next few days and will post a link to your inspiration kitty.

Miss Jean

I know how you feel about Walmart. Sometimes it's just a necessary evil!

Darling chalk board hangings!

Jessica Dougherty

i love this!!!

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