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September 30, 2008


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Love this! I have an in-progress quilt top with this block pattern. The one I followed was "Floating Stars," but I've seen it called a few things since. Isn't it so pretty? I love overall patterns like that - when you step back you see something different. I plan on donating mine to an auction at my Temple, so we'll see how it goes over! Happy Fall!

PS Doesn't Thimbleberries make The Best Halloween fabrics??


Oh, Sarah, it is the most comfy and cozy fall quilt I have ever seen. It's no wonder you can't wait to cuddle underneath it. Have fun being cozy and talking to your dear friend tonight.


Super super cute. I love the fabric and the design of the quilt. It is really darling.


A really cuddly quilt...It is to hot here to even want to think about curling up under a quilt...


It is wonderful. I love that halloween fabric. And what a wonderful memory to have to go along with it.


Wow! She's a beauty! I've always LOVED that stretech star pattern!


Wow, I think this is my new favorite quilt. My best quilting buddie I met in my first quilting class 24 years ago. We now to live a part, but the connection of quilting is the thread between our wonderful and long lasting friendship. Such a great post, with such a wonderful quilt and a reminder of one of the true important things in life - friendship!!

happy zombie

Quilting and friends... there's no better pair! Not to sound like I'm making a pun, but stitching really does bind. Love your quilt and all it symbolizes!


What a beautiful quilt !
It is so autumn-y indeed ! It seems to be calling for a lot of snuggling up during the cooler evenings.

With the beautiful quilt goes the beautiful relationship ! It must be really nice to still exchange so much no matter the distance.

Love the black quilting lines.


Beautiful Quilt! And I LoVe the pics of the river. Looks like your a neighbor. ;o) ooxx`jodi


I think this is my favourite quilt of yours so far - it's just gorgeous. I'll have to check out Thimbleberries. Hope you have a lovely chat with your friend.
Lisa x

Carrie P.

Beautiful quilt. Just want to say I haven't read your blog since you posted the cottage block. I wanted to comment on your camping pictures. They are great. There is nothing like going on a camping trip in the fall.


Oh, I love it!! Too cute!


This is just beautiful! I love it! Thanks for showing great pictures.


Oh my, this looks great.
I have never seen such a beautiful fall-halloween quilt. The fabrics are super, super cute!!
Sabine xx

Mary Wood

It's Gorgeous I love it Wish I was that Clever.
Hugs Mary.


What a great pattern & Halloween print. Just trying to decide what to do with my Alexander Henry Halloween fabric - that I love! Thanks for sharing.

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