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September 02, 2008


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I've never seen a more beautiful pair of boots let alonw Wellies. I've gotta show my daughter these. She's been planning on getting a pair for winter. They are so beautiful. What a great fabulous wonderful gift. And with the other goodies!! Wowie. My eyes are popping out of my head, too.

Niesz Vintage Home

Oh My Word!!! Those are the most PERFECT boots EVER!
I would wear them with everything, every where.
Really, really pretty.
Kimberly :)


Those are by far the CUTEST Wellies I have ever seen! SWOON!


They are GORGEOUS!! That's such a generous gift... and then the cushion and the other goodies! You have been spoilt! And to those people that give you "funny" looks... who cares! They don't understand the funkyness of your new wellies!


YAY! How fun are those!? Enjoy!


Seriously...I am coveting those boots!! So pretty! As soon as I leave my little comment here, I think I’ll be off in search of a pair! Your blog is amazing. I first visited a while back and have admired your beautiful quilts and photographs - you have such a way with the lens! I actually had my mother-in-law come over so I could show her your tutorial on machine quilting – it was very helpful. She even learned a few things and she’s quilted for many years. I wish I would have seen it before quilting my Summer Stash quilt. Thanks for the eye candy!




Lil' d

What lovely wellies!

My poor kids don't even get wellies around here (well, it never rains), but I admit to secretly wanting a pair of grown-up wellies with the strap. They don't even have to have flowers on...

But it never rains.


LOVE your pretty wellies and beautiful pillow. I bought myself some bright orange rainboots and they arrived AFTER rainy season so I'm looking forward to next rainy season! Cheery after our long cold winter.


they are gorgeous...a work of art in themselves.


I love your wellies. I love that your friend sent them from Germany. And the lovely pillow. What a great treat to have wellies and a wonderful friend. You're right, my eyes did pop out.


Ok, my eyes are popped back in my head. Amazing...those are the cutest ever. What a nice package to receive and the pillow and other goodies..well, just WONDERFUL!!!
Now are you going to ever take your wellies
off? :-)!!!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

How sweet! You do have the best friends :) I do love the wellies but that pillow cover is so amazing and beautiful!

Jenna Z

Oooh, my GOSH! Adorable! I need a pair! What a wonderful friend you have!

Connie W

I "discovered" your blog today and have been enjoying reading about your Wellies and previous posts as well. You have a great blog. :D


Your joy and happiness are written all over this post. Yes, I must admit, I would not mind having those wellies for myself...they are a very pretty pair. And the pillow too!
It's very cute that you're so excited.

Miss Jean

Wow! Toile Wellies!!! You are going to be the talk of the town, not to mention your Sunday school class! Oh, to be eccentric! Yay!!! You indeed have a great friend.


You are one lucky ducky! Happy, happy, joy, joy!


wow lucky you, isnt Sabine just the best - i seriously think she should get herself a blog dont you?
Now where is the link so the rest of us can go buy some gorgeous wellies?
lisa x


How wonderful!!

happy zombie

Cutest wellies EVER! Funny... I have a cousin Sabine... in Germany.

elizabeth of course

Those are some rather awsome wellies. I just got a polka dot pair to replace my old ones and I wore them all the time. mostly with skirts. Let 'em all look.


WOW! What great Wellies and an awesome gift! The pillow cover is BEAUTIFUL!


Wow! How beautiful, Sarah. Please consider
a blog, Sabine. You are obviously a talented lady, and I'd love to know more about Germany.
Take care Sarah,

The Chocolate Cat

These are super sweet special wonderful wellie's!!! I am very impressed, don't think I've ever seen any so cute.

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