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September 26, 2008


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yummy...i love the green paisley...and the golden windows? what a great idea...=)


Love your cottages...I'm doing the swap as well! Thanks so much for the idea of doing some Halloween cottages...I hadn't thought of that yet (I'd been thinking Victorian ones for spring...)but Halloween...I'm off to gather the Halloween fabric from my stash!


Oh wow Sarah, you never fail to entertain and delight. Your blocks are so beautiful. I love your take on them. It is so fun to watch them develop.

Oh my. I didn't even think about halloween houses. Ok, now I'm getting out fabric. I must make some. I'm supposed to be working on my day job today. Yipes.

I've been thinking about spring cottages but why didn't I think fall? I guess too obsessed with the Christmas stuff and my patterns.

Whenever I want to dive into something it's like my heart rate increases and I get a giddy feeling in my stomach. Thats just how crazy I am about creating. I'm either normal or a kook.

Jennifer from NY

Beautiful! Love the reindeer on the roof--that's a nice touch! You have such lovely taste in fabrics.


very pretty, i especially love the fabric you used for the roof with the deer? and also love the swirling night sky! looks like a wonderful beginning.


Oh Sarah, they are darling little cottages....you are constructing them so nicely. I like how you are imagining a little family by the fire in your cottages....very cute.


Oh my gosh! Now you're making me wish I'd joined the swap. I LOVE the fabric you've chosen for your houses!!!


I'm so glad I'm in your group. GORGEOUS!!!!


It looks like you are having fun!


Oh, I just love your cottages. Awesome fabrics & yes, some Halloween ones would be fun!


I love how your cottages are turning out. They are so cute. I don't think I will be able to stop at 12 for the exchange. I love your idea for Halloween cottages...and other holidays would be great fun too.


I agree with Annette.. we are all going to be making more than 12 I bet. So excited to be in your group! Look how you put those reindeer on the roof.. that is clever!

Carrie P.

Oh! I really like your cottages. I will start mine next week. Fun fabric choices.


your cottages are fantastic and that fabric...to die for. i wanted to sign up for the cottages, but i can't do one more thing...even though i so want to!


Oh looking good!


Your cottage blocks are adorable. Love that reindeer fabric - and the snow! Love the snow!

happy zombie

I literally could copy and paste what Thimbleanna wrote. Why... I think I'll do just that!

Oh my gosh! Now you're making me wish I'd joined the swap. I LOVE the fabric you've chosen for your houses!!!

Seriously... Anna took the words right out of my head!


I love your cottages! The paisley one is my FAVE but I like the snow one as well. :D That other fabric, the white with red roses...GORGEOUS!

Messy Karen

i love your cottages. when you put colors together it always comes out pretty.


They are beautiful!

Nancy  DeWitt

I loved everything here.. your blog is sooooooooooooooooooo nice and all your stories about your projects.. thanks for sharing this nice blog with me.. hugs and love from Indian.. P.S.. I hope I am the winner of the block you are giving away.. hehehe.. just teasing but it is gorgeous ... Nancy

Nancy  DeWitt

I really did enjoy this blog.. have a nice day.. hugs and love from Indiana

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