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June 25, 2008


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Simply darling. Where would I be without my mother teaching me to sew and I'm sure it was painful for her at times. She never let me take the easy way out. I would pick stitches out and cry but I'm sooo grateful she taught me to do things the right way. I'm so lucky to have the ability to sew. What a great thing you are doing for her. She did a wonderful job. So important!


Does my heart good to see a youngster with sewing skills and making such a wonderful quilt. Big kudos to her and you!


Oh she did so good! I miss you guys so much! Oh and I highly approve of the Cons, good choice of footwear. :)

Lil' d

What a lovely doll quilt. She did a great job.

I wish I had had someone to teach me at a young age.

Farmyard Crafts

How awesome! Your daughter has done a wonderful job!! Addy and her bed and new quilt are gorgeous! Well done!!


i think the american girl dolls are so beautiful...and the accessories? to die for! your L is gorgeous and she did an amazing job on the quilt! please tell her is said so...=)...your pictures are so great i almost feel like i was there...


Very impressive work! Addy looks very pleased with her new quilt.

Happy sewing!


L. did a beautiful job! Tell her Grandma is proud of her and can't wait to see her next project. Love to all.

Cathe in Ut

Very well done...and I know Abby is very pleased with her new quilt.
I too think the American Girl Dolls are wonderful and I have been thinking of getting one for my bonus Grdaughter but she isn't much into dolls but she loves sewing with me so maybe this would be a great project for her and I to do together!
thanks for the inspiration
Cathie in UT


what a great job....well done....look at that concentration!


You Go Girl! Good job!


Great job L. You are now offically a quilter. Way to go mom!! My Katie has an Addy doll, tucked up in her closet. What a great post ... warm and fuzzy!!! What a wonderful memory.


Wow, what a great job, but she does have a great teacher :-)
lisa x


What precious pictures! A beautiful girl, AND quilt!

The Chocolate Cat

Your daughter did a wonderful job on Addy's quilt.

elizabeth of course

That first shot of the shoes under the bed is so incredibly beautiful!


Lovely quilt - Addy is lucky to have it!

Best, Kyra
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