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June 27, 2008


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wow - nice job on the skirt! and the kitty feet crack me up...=)...


very very cute. what pattern is it? i'm always looking for fool (me) proof clothes patterns. and i love the flip flop tan lines.


I love your skirt and kitty feet. The fabric is beautiful. I have a similar tan on my toes....but I stick my legs in the sun to try to cover up my funky veins. :) I am enjoying your blog. ~Leslie

Farmyard Crafts

That's a great idea for the pattern pieces!! I'm loving your thong (yes, that's what we Aussie's call flip flops!) tan! I have one too!! Great skirt making too... well done!


I love that idea for saving the tissue paper patterns! Think of how grateful your grandchildren will be - they'll be sooooo retro and cool then!

(p.s. I AM alive and I'm back...)


Great skirt! Your mom should be proud!


I saw this book recently on another blog...I'll have to check it out!


Hi I'm on the Summer Stash Challenge too.

Well done for getting a skirt done. I put my fav skirt pattern onto lining paper. It's meant for walls but it was the largest paper I had and my pattern was getting fragile as it's from around 1988. I like your idea of using fusible lining.

Best Wishes,


Where would we all be without mothers that sewed!?? I hate to think.


i'll have to check out the book. i'm just learning this whole sewing thing and i'm not sure which is easier...quilts or clothes. maybe the quilts since it's one size fits all.
love the skirt...too cute, gotta love amy butler


I about fell off my chair! I knew you had it in you but let me tell you folks, this little girl of mine isn't about to do anything she doesn't want to. The sewing bug kicked in about the same time she gave birth to my first grandchild. She always told me she was going to college to get a good education and a job that paid very well so she could hire a maid and a cook! Instead, she went to college where she met a very charming and handsome young man who later became her husband, and I couldn't imagine her with anyone other than the man she chose. Now she has become a domestic goddess and to tell the truth has surpassed even her Mom in the quilt department. I couldn't be more proud. Grandma is too.
Love you.

Lil' d

It looks great. I had big plans for making clothes for this summer, but was completely scared off after reading a post about all the weird sizes. That and I'm being overly optimistic about the likelihood of my losing the baby weight. Hmmm, how old does your kid have to be before you stop calling it baby weight?

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