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June 23, 2008


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Well first of all, your buffet is wonderful. Good Job! And I love the little flags (bunting?) hung up there.. :-)
Mr Precious is just that.

Are all these stacks and stacks going into your Summer Stash Quilt? :-D

I seriously was going to sign this post anyways.. but since you are offering the Amy Butler FQ's, I might as well go for that too! Just ordered a pattern for one of her purses.. her fabric collection is one that I definitely need more of in my stash!


Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hellot, Hello, Hello, Hello......

I love it all! Buffet, bunting, baby boy, bundles of fabric, Oh my!!!


Well we are all guilty stashers thats for sure. Hi my name is Nanette and its been 2 hours since my last fabric buy. You know the drill.

I love the buffet. I have one in very dark wood that is from the 80s. I put new knobs on it and its ok for now. But yours inspires me that someday I can take the plunge and paint! But not today. I have too much fabric to use.


Gorgeous buffet! Just found your blog and what luck- just in time for a fabric giveaway?? No, I don't need anymore fabric, but at the same time, I NEED more fabric.... You know?


i came across your blog from camille roskelley and have just started quilting. I wish i could have your stash to work with but oh, how i would loves some Amy Butler. I have the top fabric that i just got up the nerve to make a purse with and i've gotten so many compliments. Thank goodness i use the purse everyday. i just love that fabric.

Sue Cahill

Hello, hello, hello. The drool is just hanging from my chin after looking at you lovely fabric photos. I would love to win any little scrap you could part with. Thanks for being so generous.


I am a serial fabric shopper too!!! I have ordered fabric from Australia and waiting on fabric coming from the states. Even went from Toronto to Buffalo just to buy fabric;-) I love your blog, bought the quilting book you recommended in the states and it is very good, i am learning alot from it.


first, thank you for your comment on my grandkids...their cheeks ARE so kissable, it's not even funny...=)

i love the bunting - it's great - i need to make some...

and your fabrics? you have got to be kidding me...where in the heck do you live because if it's anywhere near me, i am so showing up some day...=)...

please enter me in your giveaway and thanks!


Ok my husband was sitting beside me while I was reading this. His comment, and I quote, "she's crazier than you are." Bolts? Oh dear, this is a serious addiction. And since you're willing to share some of it, consider this a big Hello! Blessings, marlene


I am drooling over all that fabric!! Lucky you. Count me in for the draw. My stash needs some replenishing!


Ya-hoo!! I'm in....I was just at Hancock's today getting fabric for an apron I need to make for a swap.
Buffet looks awesome, too. I think I like your house, as well!


i'm so jealous of your stash. i'd like to go swimming in all thost beautiful fabrics. please enter me in your giveaway.

Cathe in Ut

Hey I think that is just the right amount of fabric...after all you never know when you will need just the right amount and no matter what I buy it is never enough LOL
Oh and the buffet looks wonderful!


I just love those Amy Butler Fabrics. The posibilities are endless... I just LOVE give aways...


What wonderful fabrics. We can't all be mad to love photos of pile of fabric so much. Please enter me in your giveaway. It would be great to have a small part of that fantasic collection to create with.


Hello! I adore the side board...it is simply beautiful! And your kitty, well...he is just as handsome as can be. We have 2 adorable and spoiled cats, both of which take turns running the household.
You are brave to show your stash....I am still a closet stasher...shhhh, don't tell anyone. So, I will contain my excitement about your give-away and the prospect of adding a bit of won fabric to mine! fingers crossed!:)
Have a great day!

Tina W

Wow! You have some really gorgeous fabrics. I'd love to win some of it. The only way I can get any of these is on-line.


Terri at Purple and Paisley sent me. So glad she did. Gorgeous photography, great sense of humor and tons of fabric! We all NEED more. I'll be visiting often!


So glad I found your blog...it's wonderful. I'll be back! And of course I could always use some more fabric. You buy in bolts...you are my hero!!!


I told myself I wasn't going to enter any more giveaways but how can I resist. Are you sure you don't have two houses , one to live in and one to keep your fabric in? Love your buffet, although I've never heard it called that before, and I know so much what you mean about cat litter.
Lisa x


Hello! You really do have more fabrics than I do, and my husband is so glad!


Ohhh, I love your fabric stash. Your bunting is great to.
Just found your blog today and so glad I did.
I would love to win a stack of fabric



I only have a tiny stash so if I win your FQs they will be a welcome addition.

Love the side board and particularly the cat adornment - lol


The bunting is so cute!! Makes me want to make one! I'd love to win this-you can never have too much fabric, especially Amy Butler!! thanks!


Just came over from Periwinkle. You have an amazing stash! Just gorgeous. Love your buffet - it is just beautiful and your bunting looks great.

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