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June 30, 2008


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Absolutely darling! Love your fabric choice.


Hello... Sweetie
Okay, I forgive you for not telling me. But for the record I love EVERYTHING you create and I am so very proud of you!!!
I love being your dearest friend and I hope that my blog is as sweet as your's!
Now go have some wine...dummy.

Lots of Love....Amy


Awww..how cute!


Simply adorable...does she have a name?


Oh that is SWEET! I have a little boy who is in love with Elephants, which makes one of these a must have. Do you make them in blue?? ;-)


Hi Sarah!
That elephant is adorable!
Take care,


That is the cutest elephant I have ever seen!

I just wanted to say "Hi!" and that I just found your blog and I've already learned about 2 things I've been wondering about! This book, along with the 'Sew U' book. I've seen them for ages, but, like you I guess, have never really been into sewing clothes. Mostly quilting and other crafty things. BUT, now I'm wanting to make tons of skirts just for myself-I think it's the hot weather-and I love the way you reviewed these two books. I think they will be next on my list. One question though: That giant tote/sewing supply bag on the cover of the 'Sew U' book...is the pattern for that in there? I think that's what I really need!

Lil' d

How cute!


Oh my! I NEED this pattern! My youngest will be turning 2 in just a couple weeks and she is having an elephant/giraffe themed party at the zoo! She loves elephants! Here is the dress that I made for her party ..

I am now searching for this book!

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