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May 08, 2008


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Oh Sarah,
how beautiful... The necklace and the earrings look so amazing, can´t wait to see them, when you have done your work with them. By the way: your great-grandma´s name Chrystal matches perfectly to the chrystals in her jewelry.
And the both pets...lovely to see them together lying side by side.
Have a wonderful sunny day!
Sabine xx


That must be so nice for you , being able to restore something so beautiful and precious and a family heirloom. Alls well that ends well - best of friends now- ahh
Lisa x


Those two are just soooooo cute! It is so nice to see them getting on so well.

The necklace is also beautiful!

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I was thinking how lovely the crystal jewelry was, and how lucky you are to enjoy your grandparents and be able to restore that jewelry. (What did Crystal use the yarn for - knitting/crocheting afghans?) And then I scrolled further onto those pictures of the babies. How adorable! I guess there's no question there about how they are getting along :) It looks like the cat is hugging the pup. Thanks - what a sweet post.


Hi Sarah,
Your grandma was, and is, a very beautiful woman. And, your grandpa ain't half bad either! You are so lucky to have them in your life.
The crystals are stunning.
Your pussycat has obviously decided that 'If you can't beat them, join them.' A wise move! :-)
Take care,


What an unusual and beautiful necklace - not to mention the owner! You have a lovely and loving family - including your animals.

p.s. I have my extra specially huge crochet hook all ready for when I'm "allowed" to start a new project - rugs away!


I can't tell you have much I enjoy your blog...your humor and talents. I came here from the post of the finished "stunning" necklace. What a joy that must have been to give this to your grandmother (yes, a lovely lady!)

The cat and dog...too cute! and...the cat looks like my cat that lived...ready...16 years!

Thanks again for an enjoyable visit!
btw...my Creative Heart link is not available..on my blog but if you go to This is the day link...you can find it. I have some of my "humble" crafts there..and quilting.

God bless

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