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May 27, 2008


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Such a beautiful quilt and I'm loving the pillowcases on your bed - although what is it with boys and the big beds? My husband demands the king (fine for him when he doesn't have to was the linen) & my little boy sleeps in a queen, sprawled out like a starfish!
And thanks for the comment on our blog - A comment from someone with a blog like yours was good encouragement!


Oh Sarah, it looks fantastic, what a beautiful quilt. Really, really amazing... It was worth waiting for it. And the fabrics are soooo lovely. But, you´re right: on the wall it looks a bit like a poststamp,haha. I´m sure you will find a better place to hang it. It needs a place where everyone could see and ADMIRE it.
Poor husband, all the best for him!!

PS: What a beautiful doorknob (is that the right word?)! I´m deeply impressed of yor nice room!!!!!!


Lovely little quilt and gorgeous colours, it does look a bit lost on the wall. In our house I'm the one who likes the big bed although I'm only little :-). Your bedroom looks really cosy and I love the two windows. I nearly forgot - thank you for your comments on my quilt.
Lisa x


Its a delightful room and I'm with your husband. King rules. Its your bedroom and its ok if the bed is out of proportion. Its all good. The quilt is so so lovely. I adore it.


A beautiful quilt!!!

I have a walking foot. I have used it once so far and the back of the quilt I was quilting was puckered, what was I doing wrong?


It's Lovely!!
Also, question...is a walking foot different than a free motion quilting foot?
Also, I had to laugh about the bed comment....we *love* a king size, but have a queen right now.


Thanks for the nice comments guys! For Aisla, I know how frustrating it is when the back of your quilt turns out puckered.... Usually that is a result of not having the back secured and smooth before basting your layers together. I tape my backing to the floor fairly taught before I layer the batting and quilt top. And for Michelle, a free motion foot is different than a walking foot. The free motion foot, or darning foot, has a little spring at the top and the 'foot' part is a hole of about 1/4". When you use a free motion foot you lower the feed dogs on your machine and you control the stitches by moving your quilt under the foot in whatever pattern you choose. The spring keeps the foot lifted higher than a regular foot, so you can move the quilt freely while quilting. With a walking foot you leave your feed dogs up and stitch in straight lines or curving slightly if you wish. If you gals are interested I'd be happy to do a post about machine quilting with lots of pictures! Thanks again for visiting! -Sarah


I love your chenille spread and your embroidered pillowcases - they are real favorites of mine. The little quilt is beautiful but I agree that it's too small. Try a big quilt used kind of like a headboard - I've seen that in a magazine and loved it. Since imagination was not! one of the gifts God gave me, I have to make do with copying from others!


Thanks for the info! I have the free motion foot, and have tried it once without much success...maybe I just need to practice?

elizabeth of course

That is such a sweet room. And a marvelous quilt! Fabulous job there.

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