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November 01, 2012


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HA HA HA .... love the Vampoodles and I think your Blythe dolls have a better wardrobe than I do! You definitely have a beautiful funny young lady there and I'm not surprised she has a boyfriend and yes, I am also of the opinion that she should write her own blog . I do miss your posts so looking forward to the next one xx


It's the little things that make us the most happy, besides family and quilting. I have an owlien and you have vampoodles. I have a lime green wooden giraffe on wheels and you have your Blythe dolls. :o) Nice to "see" you again.


Just look at all of that luscious hair on that beautiful daughter of yours!!! She's gorgeous! Luscious fabrics you've been purchasing too. :)


Your daughter is adorable!!Love your fabrics.

Diane Steele

I'd never heard of Blythe dolls before this post. How did I miss them?? Would your Wednesday doll be for sale by any chance? My daughter was married on Halloween 4 years ago and has a black kitty named Wednesday (along with her sisters Sage and Hyphen) and I know she'd LOVE this doll--my daughter that is, LOL!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I love to see all these details from your home!
Everything is so beautiful....especially Lauren!!
Sabine Mini-U. xxxxx


Sure, you can go ahead a put a picture up, very nice Sarah. Thank you


Ohmygosh -- Our (note I say Our, SW LOL) little Lauren is so beautiful! I'll bet you have such a fun time with your girls. Love your new fabric acquisitions. And that quilt in the first photo -- I'm planning on using a pattern similar to that for a graduation quilt this year -- unless I change my mind LOL!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I'm thinking out loud here: me thinks we are cut from the same cloth, but you have MORE of it! :) Beautiful quilts and adorable dolls and scary poodles. Can I come and hang out with you and drink PSL's? I'll buy, too, and navigate the car to Joann's! Mine is about 8 minutes from home..yea, lucky moi.



Your dolls are adorable, post more pics! I found your blog b/c I was googling pics of sewing rooms and found your post from Jan 09
And your sewing room was lovely then (and now lol) but all that to say, I have a matching sewing machine cover like yours! Mine is more brown tones, but other than that it's a perfect match! Mine is very dingy, I wasn't sure if you can machine wash it or not. (I have 4 boys so dirty hands are always everywhere). I will post a pic on my blog of it very soon and maybe you can stop by and see it :) I'll add you to my reader so I can let you know! Too cool lol.
xoxo melzie


Hi Sarah,
Lauren is amazing...she is a stunner!!
Looks like you are your usual busy bee woman!!
Checking on my xmas order to see approx ship date..also the info on the bed so I can get that ordered...didn't see it on your etsy (probably was blind)!!
Loving my az sunshine! Hope all is well w/you and your mom and looking forward to our next retreat!!


Hello Sarah! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed spending 2 hours exploring your blog! YES...2 full hours! LOL, I am suppose to be working on Christmas gifts, but just like a Lifetime or Hallmark Chanel movie, you sucked me in!
Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I loved the previous post by Big Sis! My DD is 14 and would say the exact same stuff about her mama :)

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