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July 14, 2012


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I'm even more behind the times because I don't even have an iPhone and have no clue what Instagram is! You scored on the rick rack. I noticed the Fruit of the Loom brand. Did they put rick rack on underwear once upon a time and I missed it? My daughter garage saled at an assisted living facility and found a fabulous vintage tablecloth with dutch people and windmills and tulips for only $3. I heart her.

abi monroe

Well I'm a bit more ahead of Stephanie, but not as ahead as you since I didn't know the app existed!

You sure did score on the ribbons! And what a cutie pie you were!


Awww, look at that adorable little picture of you!!! I think I have an instagram account, but I'm too lazy to use it. Blogging is so much easier LOL! Great shots!


You were such a sweetie!!! No, you still are!!!!
Big kiss from Sabine Boyle, hehehehe!!!

Gloria Martin

aawwww...so cute! a perfect little "Annie" hairdo. very sweet. But I like Rosie as a brunette more than a blonde...just saying. :-)


I'm addicted to Instagram! Love your pics :)


I love the annie hair. Love it. My daughter had baby beans in yellow. that thing was worn out by the time she gave it up.

sweet cottage dreams

Sarah, I am even MORE behind the times than YOU. Still have my "flip" ("flippin'outta date phone) but will soon be replacing it and upgrading because I shattered the screen last night. So I will have to find you on INstagRam when I fancy it up. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! All of them!



Your picture when you were a little girl reminds me of Shirley Temple!!!! She had curly hairs too and your smile is just like hers!!! So cute!!!

glueless lace front wigs

Oh my god. A wig for a handsome dog? Who made this for it?

tax attorney

I like Rosie as a brunette more than a blonde...just saying. :-)


time mini blog! Oh, and it's a free app. My username on Instagram is

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