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June 01, 2011


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Oh it does make me smile when your name pops to the top of my blog list meaning a new post .You know what I say , stuff the washing lol and sew that cuckoo clock to your hearts content especially if it has more of those adorable squirrels on it x


A well deserved time out! I still believe the laundry will wash itself--waiting, waiting, waiting...Cutest cuckoo stitchery.


Ya know...if we'd ever implement our plan, you'd have the SW's to help out with all the mundane chores. That embroidery is adorable -- I can't wait to see it finished. And THANK YOU for talking about laundry. It's 15 minutes before bedtime and you made me realize that I have stuff in the washer that needs to go into the dryer for tomorrow. I surely would have forgotten....


How beautiful is that????
Sarah, this is absolutely worth every "no-making-the-laundry-minute". And you are right! Who needs clean socks when one can have this wonderful clock??? So forget the laundry (you already did, hehehehe) and keep on working with this creative thing.
Sabine N.-V. xxxxx

happy zombie

Since I have a drawer full of clean socks (I'm such a bragger), I think I owe myself a treat... and buy that Aimee Ray pattern!!! OMG, how freaking cute! Yeah, yeah, yeah... I got a to-do list a mile long - but I owe it to myself, right?

I've bought felt from GiantDwarf too! LOVE her selection of colors - my fave felt source!

I love your Sherbet Pips quilt in progress!!

Fourth paragraph... you always have me having so much to say. We've got to get that magic tunnel completed! xxxookmamf


The cuckoo clock and your quilt already look fabulous! I know what you mean about re-charging your batteries. Is it better to drudge along with the laundry, wishing you were stitching, or doing it with renewed vigour when know you've accomplished something wonderful in the sewing room?
Teresa x

photo mats

Very neat stitches! Loved the color combination as well.


Oh so true, so very true. Loved your post. It brought a smile to my face.


Hey, that's what pedicures are for! Who needs socks, and if you're really careful a pair of jeans will last a good three days before you need the washer! Oh. Of course I'd pay to see Ken with a pedicure!:)

Anne - Tesla's Mom

I love this post! I have two huge piles of laundrey that need to be put away and while my son napped and my daughter played, I was cutting up fabric for different projects, with the full intention of getting some "chores" done once my daughter went to nap, but alas my son woke at that moment and now I just need to play with him... Love your quilt!


I happen to like doing the laundry - the clean smell, the fluffy towels, quilts washed for the first time, I even like folding (gasp). But that's it, the rest of the house can be like, full of bunny poos and soiled dishes and used tissues.
I've been internet creeping looking at Sherbet Pips ideas - you have a good one. I resisted for a long time buying those freaking adorbs fabrics - until they went on sale and like the Borg - resistance was futile.

Edita Gorsh

I absolutely know the feeling when I have a million things to get done around the house and do not have time to do it. Ohh, that laundry...7,8 loads per weekend! I am so ready to do give myself a gift ....I am thinking about cuckoo clock What a wonderful quilt. I hope we all get some time to accomplish wondeful things in our lives

קרני תכלת

Fantastic post! I have one large piles of laundrey to be set aside, and while my son and my daughter was playing rough.

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