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June 24, 2011


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Love your quilt, but love your dog more!! What breed is she?

S x


Your dog talk made me LOL. So perfect.


Doxies are all alike aren't they! Mine loves to get under any covers, hers and anyone else's. I just had to retrieve new fabric I had just washed and put on the floor for a second before I folded it, turned around and she had made herself a pallet.........They are the sweetest dog!


My doxie doesn't like anyone walking in front of his house either! And the UPS truck...whole lotta barking going on!

Mama Bear

I loved seeing Rosie trying to hold up the quilt too...she must love having her photo made.
The pattern looks like Jacob's Ladder. It is so pretty.
Mama Bear

Angela O.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rosie photos. That series of photos cracked me up! What a cutie. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm glad to hear all is well.


I love the quilt (and I love the commentary on Rosie for the series!).

Just an FYI, you might want to see if there's a local Trap Neuter Release program in your hometown for the kitties. They usually offer a very discounted spay/neuter/check up for the kitties. That way you can still enjoy them in your yard but know that you've done your part to keep the feral population down. In my experience, the people who run/work at these programs are extremely helpful and willing to jump through hoops to help you catch them and get them fixed. Hope this helps!


Lovely quilt. My favourite photo is the seventh one down - serene dog and little girl toes peeking out the bottom... looks like a lot of fun...


The dog is too cute & the Quilt is lovely


Rosie is the most adorable dog ever!!! Hahahahaha.....I laughed out loud reading your post and see the pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Sabine U. xxxx


You're hysterical! Your little animals are certainly lucky to have you for their mom. I've always loved that slanted star pattern -- I WANT to make one. SOON!

happy zombie

I die. I'm in The Walking Quilted bliss right now! KMAMFxxoo

Jen in NY

Ha ha! I love Rosie so much. I also invent little dialogues for my cats. I think it's exactly what they're thinking. The quilt is just lovely, thank you for showing us! I also love the Craftsman columns on your front porch, I must say. I hope kitty is ok now...he looks so cute napping!


Rosie the doxie will make any photo more fun! What a cutie she is!!!

Little Penpen

haha... I stumbled upon your blog this morning while blog hopping. Pretty quilt, but I love love love the doxie! We have two doxies; one is just like yours.. and they are truly so funny, aren't they? Love this post!

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