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November 23, 2010


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Suz in the Tules

Poor Weenie dog!
Ours had a sweater that he just hated. Unless it snowed. It had stars all over it.
When it was snowy, he would come and stand as still as he could while you put it on him. The kids called it the star-bellied sneetch sweater! als Dr Seuss.
The dog was always under the blankets somewhere. He liked riding with my son; the horse was WARM! LOL
Thanks for sharing. Your elf looks like a womanizer.


I would love to have snow so infrequently that it was exciting. Our winter dump will happen soon enough then the white stuff will hang around until March! Loving all of your milk glass. Mom has BOXES of it. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Love the snow too but...We are FREEZING (-10)here in Missoula and your cozy nest on the couch looks so inviting. I love your little stove. Thinking maybe I can talk my honey into one someday soon. I love your posts, I know life gets busy though. Thank you for another look at that gorgeous quilt. ~ Jil ~


More pics for me! The jealous woman far away!!! Hehehehe....
Rosie is such a cutie and I could catch her at once. The "poor" dog has to go outside on her tiny paws without protection....!!
Sarah, come on, try to sew something to make her feel more comfortable!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!!!
Sabine P. xxx


I don't think I have commenteds on your blog before but I read it all the time. I just wanted to say that this post made me crack up. No snow here but it is freezing cold (Southern England). We don't often have snow and love it when we do. I adore your quilt and woodburner


Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing day with your kiddos! I love when that happens :o)


Here in the South we had 6" of snow last winter and I couldn't get Abby, our Doxie, to walk in the snow for anything. And I didn't blame her.

Karla Hartzog

I was watching the weather channel a couple of days ago and thought about you, how you got that quilt done just in time! Thanks for the post. Happy Thanksgiving!

Gloria Martin

I can always count on your blog for a laugh, and I had a good one when I read your post about the gnome! He does seem a little "tinkerbell"ish, with those red cheeks and lips! What the heck was Myrtle thinkin'? Anyway, your Toulouse quilt turned out just beautiful and looks warm and snuggly. Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful project. Enjoy your holidays!


Hi..a lovely blog you have there with all the beautiful quilts! I love this quilt on the sofa in this post, are you able to share the pattern and which fabric line did you use in it? It looks so cosy for Christmas! (maybe for nexy year's! haha) I am new to quilting and planning to start one soon :)

hope to hear from you soon. thanks! :)


We've been dodging the bullet, but it's going to catch up with us soon. I used to have a Yorkie who loved snow. She'd be totally covered by the time we got her back in the house. I love the gnome. I have 3 that date back to the 40s that were my Grandmother's. They are really funky, but I love them just for that reason!


Thanks for sharing your snow withthe rest of it! The pictures and narative were fun! I am a quilt and tea on the couch kinda girl too.


Such cute photos. I feel like I am there. The cocoa and quilt on the couch look sooo inviting.


Love your blog!

Galliena Gornet

Kids do love playin' in the snow! You should've taken a photo of the snowman family they built, hehe. How did you celebrate the holidays, btw?

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