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September 04, 2010


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If I had such a beautiful room like you, I would!!!!! But I havenĀ“t and so my family would kill me if they would hear me sewing at night! :o)
I love, love your pics, especially the ones with your sparkeling chandelier. Look like diamonds.....and Rosie, where is she sleeping on? Looks like pure luxery!!
Sleep well,
Sabine H. xxx


i can't do anything at night , as soon as it gets to about 8.30 my eyes start drooping and I can't concentrate on anything , knitting or sewing ... think I'd be curling up with Rosie :-)


What a beautiful room and your photos are just stunning. What a gorgeous space to sew in! You must just love sewing in the evening... I don't often sew at night - eyes are too tired with the softer light... and I don't like being locked away from the family...


I used to have one of those little tupperware keychains too!

Beth Moore

Pretty space! I only sew at night. It's the only time the house is quiet and free from distractions. My sewing room is part of my husband's office, so he plays music and works and I sew. It's kinda dreamy, really. =)


Sometimes it seems like I get more done at night then during the day. I'm a night owl :-)


Nice photos, the lamps look beautiful.


Oooh, it looks like the perfect place to be - did you get a ton of stuff done???


My poor machine hasn't been dusted off for weeks, it's stored in the spare room right now. Great atmosphere though in your pics. What would have been the use of that tinsy tuppeware bowl?


Love the hobnail milk glass and tiny tupperware bowl. Oh gosh I remember the tupperware days. I still have the pastel bowl set! Sewing at night yields many mistakes for me.


Another great photo session. I love to sew at night. I feel guilty though sometimes when my husband looks at me like he's sad I'm staying up. But thats when I get the most done.


I LOVE your sewing room... it is SO cozy!

Susie Tunks

Okay, Please help me! I have been quilting for years! No puckers on my quilt backs or fronts! Freemotion quilting never yields puckers for me cuz I baste the snot out of them and use all cotton everything, fronts, backs, batting. But THEN! I get the vintage sheet quilt bug and BAM! Puckers all over my backs! Not fronts, just backs! I am about to hang it up! I do NOT like puckers on my quilt backs! What do you back your vintage sheet quilts with? I have been told it might be the polyester....I DO back my vintage sheet quilts with, what else, vintage sheets! Could that be my problem??? What is the solution? Is there any hope????

Thanks in advance!!!

Susie Tunks in CO.

Mary Anne Drury

Sewing at night is the only way to go at my house .... it seems to be the only time I can get anything done! (i.e. no interruptions!)


Nice...and I do quilt at night...It's funny, I get a second wind about 6 p.m. and I am good til 1 or 2 a.m.
What a nice picture story...I totally got it!


Hello, I accidently found your blog on the internet looking for quilting ideas. I have never made a quilt myself and have always wanted to. Can you direct me to a beginners quilt. I am sure I am going to love to quilt since I love to make things. By the way you have a beautiful family and I always enjoy reading your blogs!


Help me!! I have so much troubles sending you emails......and pics! They always return!!!!
Sabine B-P-C-H xxxxx

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