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March 30, 2010


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super cute! it won't last long in your shop!


This is so cute! What a great brain wave.


What a little beauty. Love everything about it, especially the buttons.


So sweet, it will be sold out very fast!!! I´m sure!!!
The grey wool felt is so nice, I love the color and the way it looks.
Hope your brain feels a bit better now!!!! :o)
Have a lovely day, my dear friend,
Sabine C.xxx


It's so pretty and almost makes me wish I had a french press (although I've never heard of one). Isn't it great when a project turns out just as you imagined it!!
Your heart palpitations sound scary! I get them once in a while. Sometimes a few times a day and then sometimes not for a while. My doctor dismissed it as not important but it concerns me when it happens.
Teresa x

Jen Newby

That is adorable! Great idea too! Unfortunately I now have a Keurig machine, so I no longer use a french press. But I'm not complaining! Love my Keurig!


looks great , especially the little spoon bit - if i drank tea or coffee I'd find it hard to resist :-)

Megan Dye

So so SOOOO cute! I have that same issue with my french press. What a nifty solution. Hmmm...perhaps a little trip on over to etsy...


I love the little pennants on it - what a cute idea!


I love the pennant banner detail. I especially love the dish and spoon. It's amazing the effect you can get from such tiny pieces of fabric.


Love your cozy....
I must make one (some).......
Prayers, Bo


That's Adorable Sarah! I LOVE the cute little banner. I'm watching hubby as we speak -- well, I would be watching him if they'd put him on!

Sew Create It - Jane

Gorgeous! I love the dish and the spoon..so apt for this cosy.


Perfection! I absolutely love it! Although, I don't have a french press, or drink coffee for that matter, so you'll have to make one with the bunting for some other small kitchen item. :)


The bunting design is so sweet!


Could that be any cuter? Nope.

sweet cottage dreams

this is the cutest! now if i only had a french press....i need one these days - like a swift kick in the back side!



This is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it! I added you to my blogroll. :)


I followed a link from Diary of a Quilter over here because the Wavy Quilting post subject sounded interesting, now I've scrolled down and came across this post and honest to god, I saw the first full picture of the cozy on the french press and thought "Now that's cool!" Well done!

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