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September 11, 2009


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What a wonderful spot to propose! My friends dog eats cat poo too. I thought that was just an anomaly, I guess not. Have a great sleepover.


What a beautiful story for a beautiful setting. It's great you took your kids there - the stuff of family traditions (and legends!). Hope the girls enjoy their sleep-over weekend! (And you survive it - better than a whining Rosie!)


I love the magnificent waterfalls. Your pictures are beautiful. I grew up in Washington state and your pictures have me almost smelling the trees and ferns.


You're SO funny -- I giggled all the way through that with your whining dog commentary. Sorry about that, but think of the great story you have for us. Must more exciting than "We drove for 12 hours and sang Kum-by-yah (or however you spell it)"!!! Gorgeous pictures!

Karen S

What a beautiful trip and how fun for your girls. Such a cute little whiner- uhh puppy. What is it with little dogs and cars mine does the same thing and runs all over the car looking out the windows. And cat poo she thinks it's lotion!


Hahahahahaha......you made my day!!!!
Sarah, I love this post so much. The pictures from the waterfall are so beautiful. I´ve never seen a waterfall in real and it sounds so romantic to me....
And Rosie and her whining? Sorry, but I couldn´t stop giggling while reading your funny "whining-story".
Have a wonderful day with your little guests!
Sabine N.B.T.E.xxx


Looks like a great trip (except for THE dog...our little white dog liked riding as long as she could be in the front...if you made her stay in the back she did this little snorty whisper whine thing)!.....and uh....lol...are you s-u-r-e you want the sleepover for the w-h-o-l-e weekend??

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Poor little doxy. Those are beautiful waterfall pictures.


Hey! we just got back from a week in south dakota! perhaps I need to go to montana next year! looks amazing!
welcome home!

jennifer vanderlinden

i always love your beautiful blog, and your vacation looks wonderful. my husband and i love vacationing in oregon and are trying to find some long term vacationing options. however, we would like some advice from a local. if you are willing to offer some advice, could you please email me at jenvanderlinden@gmail.com. thanks so much, and keep the beautiful posts coming!


what a lovely story and spot for a proposal ( I'm just missing out the whining lol ) ... my hub proposed on Christmas day morning while I was cooking bacon sandwiches :-). Looking forward to seeing more pics. I meant to ask - have you got Stamps yet ?


ignore the bit about Stamps -- oops


I was blog hopping this evening and found your blog. Lovely Blog, and I really enjoyed looking around. Your little dog brought a smile or two to my face, you see I have 3 dachshunds, one being a new puppy, and my red one does not like to ride in the car at all...she will cry for ever.....I'll be back....soon.


okay...so, im really sorry that my comment has nothing at all to do with your post...but, i've looked all around your blog for info on your sewing machine & the clear plate/base/table thing...and i can't find anything...also, i couldn't find your email...anyway, lemme know...thanks, kerry

p.s...let your puppy know that i also potty with my eyes closed in the morning...(ie. previous post:o)

Carrie P.

What a beautiful place and how fun that you got to share it with your daughters.
That is so funny about your little dog. I know that was a bit irritating after a while.

Jenn Baker

I was born and raised in Montana but haven't been back there in a few years - thank you for sharing those very beautiful pictures!


We stopped at the falls 10 or twelve years ago. We went into the restaurant and they gave us THE table right in the front picture window. I always joked that the bench part way up was a memorial for the "out of shapers" that perished there. LOL! It's truly beautiful and such a great proposal spot. Way to go hubs!!!

One year we were driving back from our trip to Bandon with my Mom and my daughter and her family. At that time we had no cell phones so we had walkie-talkies that we used between our two cars. All I could hear was her youngest (about 1 year old) screaming. We pulled over and put him in our car. He basically screamed all the way from Bandon to their home in Modesto. I felt like leaving him at the restaurant in Redding!!! Just kidding. So I know how you felt with your dog.

Lollypop Fraser

LOL! The whiner... bless her.. she looks like such an angel! Wonderful photos - it looks glorious!X


Did you notice that pic of you standing over the water and you saying it was scary the water looks heart shaped :)

Sandy in Florida

I love the 30's reproduction fabrics baby quilt. Did you use a pattern? I would love the pattern name. I have been collecting the same fabric, and I love how you put it together.

I also fell in love with your garden pictures. They are beautiful. :)
Sandy in Florida

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