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March 04, 2009


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Wow, I do love these random pictures of your home! They are all so cute!!!! What beautiful things you have in your home.
And the dollĀ“s hair is amazing, what a nice hair cut!! Hehehehe...makes me smile!!
Sabine D. xx


I'll say cleaning definitely got cuter but not more fun! :o) I can see why you love your quilt so much. That is some pretty fabric. Can't wait to see what you're sending your tea swap partner. :o)


Well I could comment on each picture. I love the sweet things you picked. I have to comment on the iron. I remember that cord and iron from my childhood - and many burns. For some reason looking at that cord made me smile. Everything is just lovely though.


oh my goodness..
I love, love, and love the third picture of your kitty cat. sooooooo cute!!!


what a fun blog...so nice to see your favorite things


what a fun blog...so nice to see your favorite things


I love this blog post. Love seeing random things because they aren't really so random--they tell a little of your story. And your cat is absolutely adorable!


A treat! Thanx for sharing. Some more random walks with camera will be very welcome.


What an awesome, fun post! :)I love the needlecase, and the quilt, and the trim, oh - and the cat!!!

Anne Donald

Thanks for such a cheery post on a rather dreary day - spring changed its mind and went away again!!

Jennifer from NY

Sarah, what a treat! I love seeing little things in people's homes. Your kitty pics are just adorable...I have two 9-month old kittens who are always getting into random snuggly places like that. Those needle cases are precious! I just loved everything about your tour! Thanks dear! xo Jen

Lori Holt

All the photos are wonderful- thanks for sharing! I especially like the needle case, I'm gonna have to make me one of those for sure:)


Oh wow, what great random thoughts. Thanks for sharing the photos. The cat is hilarious. And I love your needle cases.




Your cat is adorable (and that kitty video was hysterical -- what a cute little girl!) Love all your random-ness -- especially those adorable needle cases!

white o'morn cottage

Wonderful! Your photos are magnificent. Can I ask what kind of camera you use? Do you use it on manual? The quality is just amazing. Your fabric is so beautiful...half the pleasure is going through it, feeling it etc.
I think I may do a random photo post too! Well done...Pam


I love the trim on your lamp. Gorgeous! And the needlekeeper is sweet.

Carrie P.

Love all your photos. Love the trim on your lamp and the needlekeepers.


Everything is beautiful, Sarah. And, you are a very talented lady.

Rachael Rabbit

Super cute cat & great photos - the washing up gloves really brought a smile to my face - what an excellent silly gift to make for people!! I must remember that one.


Hia Thanks for visiting my blog. Your tin is so sweet. Gorgeous fabrics too.

I'm all excited with the Time For Tea Swap too. I think the postie thinks I'm a stalker.


I've lost my mind recently also. I love looking at your random photo's, they're still so inspiring....

Crazy Creek Quilts

Wow that's a lot of pictures to post! :-D

I LOVE the whole cloth quilts. I have made a bunch of those myself.


Gift Philippines

Thanks for sharing your stuff in your house.Its really cute.I want to share also my stuff in our house maybe one day.


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