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December 09, 2008


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so funny you shuld mention all the ornaments going on one branch as that was what Milo did earlier, we,ve got coloured lights too although I prefer white.. Gorgeous presents from Sabine - I really love the little mushrooms. I think she must have had as much fun choosing them as you are opening them ..


Yep - DVD's in the US and Europe are different. We hacked our DVD player so it plays multi region dvd's (not as bad as it sounds - you just enter a code) If you google your make of dvd player then you should find a code to make it multi region. We did so that we can buy dvd's from the States as they are much cheaper than in the UK!

Love all your goodies btw - you are lucky!


Everything is so pretty. Love your white wreath with the little red berries. I find it ver difficult to get a good picture of the tree with my camera.. yours are very nice.
That teensy pine tree you got as a gift is darling! And what a clever idea to glue beads on a pinecone like that! Sweet!
Christmas music is pretty much on 24/7 here.

Carrie P.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. That is very intesting about the DVD. Never heard that before but then I have never got a DVD from another country.


Hi Sarah,
I love to see all these Christmas decorations. How wonderful they are! And your huge Christmas tree is decorated so lovely. It´s fun to look at all these ornaments. Each of them are so cute. I´ve seen a tree decorated in a C.Kidston shop, yours look very similar! Well done, hehe...
And the Tilda-boot? Beautiful!!
Sabine M.xxxx


What lovely Christmassy wonderfulness. Those tiny mushrooms are darling. :-)

I'm a fan of coloured lights- the plain ones look so serene, but for a true Christmassy feel I like coloured ones on our tree. The pink and blue ones together I think made me like that combination on fabric.

Thank you for sharing such wonders of the season. What lovely friends to send such beauty.


I love the little pinecone tree! The advent gifts from Sabine are wonderful, what treasures! Your home looks beautiful too! Enjoy every minute of this Christmas Season... xo Laurie

Rachael Rabbit

Those pine cones are simply beautiful!!! I mean all your decorations are gorgeous - but the pine cones really took my breath away.


All your decorations are really lovely! I love the advent presents!


OH MY GOSH! Incredible Stuff!!! Sabine is a doll. She's talented and wonderful. That mushroom ornament - I might steal it somehow. So cute. It is all lovely. I can't believe how darling everything is in every picture in this post. I'm gushing I know but I can't help it.


I love your blog. You have the best pictures. I also love the beading you do. One of these days I want to try that. Check my blog. I have left something there for you.


Karen in IN


Wow -- your advent presents are all amazing! I can't wait until you stuff that cushion cover and we can see the whole thing. And that littl pinecone ornament is absolutely adorable!!!


Hi Sarah, there is a little something for you on my blog.

best wishes,


Hi again. I have a little something for you on my blog.

best wishes,


This was fun viewing, Sarah....your pictures are sure to get everyone in the mood for Christmas!

happy zombie


Everything is so beautiful, so full of love and friendship. THere's nothing better. And you'll always remember your first Cath Kidston (Doe gave me my first CK).

Cracking up about the strong worded letter.... that's soooo cute!

We're on snow patrol... waiting, waiting, waiting for the flakes to fall. I saw on the weather map that you guys should be getting it too. Fingers crossed for us all!


Love your sampler! Make sure you frame it without a mat. I have made over 30 samplers in about 20 years and 21 of them are Adam and Eve's. I also designed some. You have a treasurer there. Thanks.

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