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August 01, 2008


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Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love your jewelry! I have the same alter ego - they can be made so quickly, crafty instant gratification :)


You donĀ“t have to be ashamed, good girl you! Big kiss!!
Sarah, your jewelry is sooo pretty. I wish I could come to your little sweet town and have a nice day with all those pretty things. And yes I would like to buy an ice cold drink from K. and L., how nice is that!
Have a wonderful day and lots of fun!!!
Hugs, Sabine xx


Your jewelry looks beautiful! I especially like the earrings. I bet you sell out of everything fast! My sink looked like that too while my husband was out of town this past week. I finally had to wash them when they started to cover the counter too.

Jennifer from NY

This is my first post to you...I just had to comment on your lovely things!! That is a *gorgeous* quilt, I love everything about it! The fabrics, the pattern...the border goes so well, it's just amazing how every part works together so beautifully. What a work of art!

I also love your jewelry...yes, the aqua blue beads are stunning! And might I add I almost missed the dishes in the sink because I was drooling over your faucet! WOW, that is nice!

Jennifer in NY


thanks for sharing that last picture...i have a sister sink in my house. i'm about to die over those aqua beads...those are gorgeous.


I love your jewelry. My daughter and I bought handmade bracelets at out local festival. I wanted to attempt to make some but I don't know where to start. Maybe I should buy a book.

Karen in IN


Hi Sarah,
what lovely jewellry- I make a little myself- I have a set of bali silver beads laid out on the tray right now waiting to be strung into a bracelet- It is one expensive set of beads laying there (9 larger beads for 45 dollars) but it will be pretty and like my fabric stash there is way more than I need for one bracelet. I still haven't quite mastered making earrings -my joining loop is a bit wonky yet- I guess it will come with practise. I like making jewellry - its a nice break from quilting which I also love to do.
Your quilt from the previous post is stunning and looks really lovely where it is hanging.
I hope that you have a great sale - I am sure you will have a wonderful time - the aqua beads are very pretty as are the aurora borealis.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

happy zombie

Your jewelry is so beautiful, Sarah! Do your talents every stop?! Gosh... even your sink looks pretty all filled up! I love your jewelry, especially those crystal clear earrings. I do so hope you do the naked ears, necks and wrists of the world a favor... and start selling you delights on etsy!

I've tried my hand at some beading and such - but I couldn't grasp (or clasp) it. My quilting girl-gang... we get together once a month and usually do a project at the whim of that month's hostess. My friend Robin wanted to share beading with us. I was a bad student, and made a very naughty word bracelet. I am banned from making jewelry.


BEAUTIFUL! Do you sell it to interested bloggers?? It's gorgeous!! :)Hope that the markets go really well!! Unfortunately, the dishes don't seem to disappear cause there's no time to do them.... shall I send a little cleaning fairy your way?!?


I really love the jewelry you're making. It's all very simple and elegant. Wonderful!


Such nice jewlery my friend, I still want it. I can't wait until next time...Haaaa...Haaaa! It's really to bad that we aren't doing the Pow Wow this year.

Love your dear friend Amy...


Hey the sink was beautiful. The fixtures so pretty- thats all I looked at!

I LOVE your jewelry. Its soooo beautiful.

Peggy Aront

Heck with being embarrased....I didn't even notice the dishes I was so excited to just drool over the faucet! It is just exquisite! I need to get me one of them.
Peggy in NJ
PS: Your jewelry is wonderful too!!!

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